Fan Gifts G-Eazy With $5,000 Champagne On New Year's Eve

Fan Gifts G-Eazy With $5,000 Champagne On New Year's Eve
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The 30-year-old rapper, G-Eazy, received a special gift from a fan on New Year's Eve while at the Miami nightclub, Rockwell, early on Wednesday morning. Page Six claims the rapper received the gift after he arrived at the venue around 2:00 am.

Reportedly, the ex-boyfriend of singer, Halsey, received a $5,000 bottle of Armand De Brignac, the "Aces of Spades," model. The insider revealed the brand of the bottle to New York Post's Page Six. The same source stated G-Eazy seemed both "excited" and "surprised" when arrived.

According to insiders, G-Eazy was hanging around his massive entourage before finally going on stage around 2:30 am to perform some of his biggest tracks, including "I Wanna Rock," and "1942." Those present at the event claim the rapper took the stage and asked everyone there what "level" they wanted to start their new decade on.

The rapper went on to party until the early hours of the following morning, around 5:00 am insiders revealed. There's no question G-Eazy likes to have a good time, even if it gets him into trouble sometimes. As fans of the performer know, he was arrested for his hard-partying ways back in 2018 when Swedish police busted him on cocaine possession and assault.

TMZ got their hands on a video showing the rapper being loaded into a police vehicle, and another clip showed Halsey getting struck in the face, supposedly by a security guard, albeit, by accident. Reportedly, the performer assaulted security guards and was later busted by the Swedish police on cocaine charges.

Sources close to the scene told reporters from TMZ that G-Eazy was acting belligerent toward others following his show in Stockholm. When guards came up to him and told him to calm down, the rapper started throwing punches, hitting one in the face several times.


Videos obtained by the outlet showed G-Eazy, Halsey, and many of his friends all engaged in a confrontation with other patrons and security personnel. You can check out the video from the outlet posted above.

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