Faith Evans Claims She Was Tricked Into Appearing In Biggie Smalls Documentary

Faith Evans Claims She Was Tricked Into Appearing In Biggie Smalls Documentary
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Faith Evans isn't happy with the depiction of her life with the late rap legend, "The Notorious BIG," née Christopher Wallace. During a conversation with Page Six, the star revealed she felt tricked into participating in a documentary she described as "sensational."

Faith claims she was upset to be "attached to it," because she was initially told that it was a "positive piece" with more information on her personal life story. The star added that it was never depicted to her as a film that sensationalized events occurring in her and Biggie's lives.

According to Faith, she has moved past those events in her life, and doesn't want to re-open old wounds or tarnish the legacy of the late Ready To Die artist. Reportedly, the trailer for the new documentary airs on the 10th of January, and in the commercial, it describes her romance with Biggie as one of the "most controversial love stories" in hip-hop.

Additionally, the series trailer promises to show Faith confronting the more intimate moments of her romance with Biggie, in addition to the affairs with Lil' Kim and Charli Baltimore.

Evans, during her conversation with Page Six, asked how many times people were going to continue talking about events from the past, including the women in Biggie's life, as well as his feud with Tupac Shakur, who was also shot and killed.

She added, "Lifetime's all about drama," while referring to the network that will air the doc. Reportedly, Faith is one of the co-administrators of the estate of The Notorious BIG, and she says the doc, for the most part, uses old footage to stir up more drama and controversy.

Furthermore, Biggie's mom, Voletta Wallace, isn't happy with the new documentary either. The former partner of The Notorious BIG stated it was about her moral code, and she can't support the documentary if it doesn't align with her ethics.

As fans of The Notorious BIG know, he, alongside Tupac Shakur, are considered arguably the most legendary figures in hip-hop history. Biggie and Tupac feuded for years until they were both killed in drive-by shootings.

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