DaBaby May Face Lawsuit From Man He Allegedly Assaulted

DaBaby May Face Lawsuit From Man He Allegedly Assaulted
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This past Thursday night, in Miami, Florida, the rapper, DaBaby, was booked by authorities for a purported assault, and following the initial accusation and arrest , the man in question apparently intends to file a lawsuit against the "Suge" artist.

Page Six learned that the man in the suit, Kenneth, has spoken with more than one lawyer regarding the rapper's alleged assault on him. Many of the attornies reached out to him personally. TMZ was the first to report that Mr. Kenneth was left with bruises and cuts, and believes he's entitled to some of the artist's money as compensation for the attack.

According to the man in question, he was hired to organize a party for Stunna 4 Vegas in a Miami nightclub, and DaBaby was offered the role of hosting for $30,000. The promoter claims he showed up to the event with just $20,000, telling DaBaby he would pay the $10,000 after, however, Jonathan Kirk and his crew became aggravated and then perpetrated the attack.

Mr. Kirk has found himself in trouble repeatedly over the last few months. For instance, the police apprehended DaBaby in North Carolina on the 23rd of December after he hosted a toy drive in which he gifted youth with toys during the holidays. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg authorities issued citations against the rapper for resisting an officer and also possession of marijuana.

In December of 2019, DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, told reporters he believed the authorities searched his vehicle unlawfully. WCNC-TV obtained video footage of the police apprehending him in the parking lot, and the rapper says they try and get him on charges every time he comes to the city.

Kirk stated, "they follow me, they pull us over for no reason, they search our cars." As it was previously reported, DaBaby was slapped with a battery charge earlier this month when he and a promoter got into an argument over a $30,000 payment.

The Associated Press was the first to reveal the arrest warrant, issued by the police of Miami. To make matters worse, Jonathan Kirk had another arrest warrant issued for him Texas - also on a battery charge.

Kirk, also known as DaBaby, was visiting South Florida on New Year's Eve for a performance at a Miami Beach nightclub.

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