Extra TV Reporter Responds To Backlash From Amanda Seales Diss On The Real: 'I Wouldn't Change A Thing'

Extra TV Reporter Responds To Backlash From Amanda Seales Diss On The Real: 'I Wouldn't Change A Thing'
Credit: Source: Up News

Amanda Seales is a strong personality that viewers are getting accompanied to ever since she permanently took a spot at the table on The Real. After a moment where a reporter from Extra TV seemingly tried to pit her against Jeanie Mai went viral, the woman is speaking out about the way she conducted herself.

The ladies of the hit talk show gathered round to speak to Jennifer Lahmers about celebrating their 1000th episode.

Jennifer pointed out that Amanda and Jeannie 'butt heads' to which a visibly irritated Seales responded : 'You know what? We’re not butting heads. I think it’s very, very important especially at a table with diverse women to very clearly delineate the difference between having a difference in opinion than butting heads. You’ll know when I’m butting heads because when I butt heads, it’s only going to be one head standing.'

Social media users were proud of the way the new host handled herself and slammed Lahmers for trying to start trouble between the ladies.

Jennifer has posted messages to her Instagram that state she was just doing her job.

In one message shared to her Instagram Story the interviewer wrote: 'Humble yourself.'


She then followed it up with: 'I wouldn't change a thing about the way I conducted that interview -- addressing the topic that had made numerous headlines across multiple outlets. This is my job as a correspondent. I did not keep pressing once I got an answer and that is all I will say on the manner.'

The Shaderoom reposted the woman's response.

One commentator wrote: 'Girl bye you was trying to throw jabs and got hit with a 2 piece.'

A second added: 'Girl bye . Your vibe was off , that wasn’t just your job . You were being shady on purpose.'

This follower stated: 'Nawww Jennifer you came gunning for Amanda for no reason and them clips was showing it.'

What do you think about Jennifer's posts?


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  • djones66
    djones66 Feb 22, 2020 2:56 PM PST

    Amanda..you are a NEWBIE! She came just like u would have! You are nobody's victim girl. Loni and Jeanne gesture of holding your hand was....i dont know!!

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