Evelyn Lozada Has 'No Hate' For Chad Johnson Following The Head Butting Incident

Evelyn Lozada Has 'No Hate' For Chad Johnson Following The Head Butting Incident
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According to a report from Page Six, Evelyn Lozada, Chad Johnson's ex-wife, recently said she doesn't have a single drop of hatred in her blood for Chad, despite the fact he once put her in the hospital with a nasty head-butt.

Evelyn, who split with Chad shortly after the altercation, said to reporters from Page Six that she and Chad don't talk on the phone much, however, when they run into each other, she doesn't have "one ounce of hate in (her) heart for him."

The reality star explained the importance of forgiving and forgetting; moving past old mistakes, because if she lets those old negative experiences bring her down, it takes away from the person she's trying to be every day.

Lozada, who is also the writer for the book, The Perfect Date , stated that if she were to run into Chad again in public, they would get along just fine because she has no "ill will" toward Mr. Johnson. As it was previously reported, Johnson was arrested back in August 2012, just one month after he and Lozada got married, on account of domestic battery.

TMZ went on to publish a photograph of Evelyn Lozada in which she was sporting a nasty lesion on her forehead. Lozada, who stars on VH1's Basketball Wives , explained perhaps the most embarrassing part of all was the fact her daughter saw how she looked while in the hospital.

She said she never wanted to expose herself to her daughter like that ever again. Other stars to go through publicized domestic disputes include Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who are still battling out in the court system over allegations that Johnny was abusive toward her.

Moreover, Johnny countered with his very own set of allegations against Amber, claiming she was the real perpetrator. Johnny's friend, Doug Stanhope, most known for his controversial stand-up comedy style, wrote a letter in support of Johnny, explaining that he and his friends knew there was something wrong with the relationship, but they never had the heart to tell Depp to leave.

In Stanhope's letter, obtained by The Wrap, the stand-up comedian said he and his friends would watch Amber manipulate him for a long time, but they never said a word to Johnny, only to each other.

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