Sarah Hyland Shows Off Toned Body As She Dances Up A Storm While Stuck In Hospital Again

Sarah Hyland Shows Off Toned Body As She Dances Up A Storm While Stuck In Hospital Again
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Sarah Hyland showed off her toned body as she danced up a storm while once again stuck in the hospital for health issues.

The Modern Family star looked phenomenal, getting her groove on even though she was hooked up to machines. Yes, she is not letting a little medical equipment, or hospital stay get her down.

Hyland's silly and sweet clip has gone viral, but it was not to let her fans know she is amid a health crisis. Nope, the 28-year-old wanted to do something fun for one of her pals' birthdays.

She wasn't about to say Happy Birthday in a hospital gown either. The brunette beauty wore a tan tank top that highlighted her amazing abs, as well as accented her cleavage. It was paired with a black form fitting legging, and her hair was au natural with curls going everywhere. Hyland's signature large sunglasses completed the outfit.

If it was not for the hospital setting, one would think the Hollywood starlet was having the time of her life. She certainly went all out to have a little fun with her friend's birthday wish.

Hyland's boyfriend Wells Adam can be heard in the background recording her message. It is good he was with his lady love.

There was no hiding the Modern Family actress was stuck inside a hospital room and she didn’t even try. The drab décor, along with the fact she was hooked up to various machines like a pressure cuff, and IV, and heart monitors, made her whereabouts easy to determine.

Sarah Hyland is back in the hospital, but she is not speaking out on her condition or reason for her stay at this moment. Although she has been open about her health issues in the past, including her two kidney transplants, this time she is keeping quiet.

In true fashion, Hyland is not letting her health issues stop her from loving life. Despite battling illness since she was a child, the actress manages to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude.

She has even been known to poke fun at her own expense. However, Hyland is also not afraid to stand up for herself. Unfortunately, she is continually clapping back at haters who criticize her body.

Need a dose of good old fashion fun, check out Hyland's post. She has a way of making her followers laugh.

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