Eva Marcille's Video With Her Kids Has Fans In Awe - Check Out Marley, Mikey, And Maverick

Eva Marcille's Video With Her Kids Has Fans In Awe - Check Out Marley, Mikey, And Maverick
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Eva Marcille shared a video featuring her three kids, and fans cannot have enough of them. Check out the video that she posted on her social media account below.

Fans are in awe after seeing the kids, and they made sure to tell this to Eva in the comments.

Someone said: 'Ughhhh my goodness that face melts my heart 😍💜' and another follower posted this: 'Lord no DNA test needed for Maverick.'

Another follower posted: 'The way Maverick looked when she called his name was priceless!!!'

One commenter wrote: 'Omg your children are absolutely gorgeous 😍 bless them ❤️' and someone else said: 'Crazy how one boy looks like mommy and the other son looks like daddy.'

A commenter wrote: 'When I say your WHOLE face!!!!' and one fan posted this: '@evamarcille Marley’s Hair Is Absolutely Beautiful.'

Someone else said: 'Love you from France. May God protects you & your family. Amen.'

One fan wrote: 'I just realized all the kids' names start with M lol ❤️❤️❤️ @evamarcille,' and someone else posted this: 'Omg Maverick looks just like his dad!! Adorable @evamarcille.'

Someone gushed over Marley and told Eva, 'Girl Marley has that model mood without even trying to model 🤣🤣😍 adorable!'

Not too long ago, Eva made her fans happy when she shared a photo of Maverick.

The baby boy looked just like a living doll , as one of Eva’s fans said.

Eva just celebrated his anniversary, and in order to mark such an important event, she shared a photo of him for his five-month anniversary.

People were praising the little man in the comments, and they told Eva that he’s twinning with his dad.

Eva is living her best life these days together with her whole family, and her fans could not be happier to see her in such good spirits.

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