Eva Marcille's Fans Criticize Her For Not Using Her Platform To Stop Racism Sooner

Eva Marcille's Fans Criticize Her For Not Using Her Platform To Stop Racism Sooner
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Eva Marcille has been sharing all kinds of videos and messages on her social media account following George Floyd's death in order to raise awareness about racism and more. But some of her fans are asking her why she did not do this sooner.

Here's a relevant video that Eva shared on her social media account: 'Police officer throws a girl who is already on her hands and knees BUT a Sister officer steps in to check him.. #protests2020'

Someone commented: 'Of course it's always the sistas. We are, after all, the mother of humanity. Without us, there is none.'

Another follower said: 'That’s how it should be. Hold your colleague accountable,' and someone else posted this message: 'And I pray she did her due diligence and reported this incident to her superior personnel #hegottogo.'

A follower posted: 'Please find her! We need to celebrate her! Thank You Jesus for this brave woman.'

Eva also shared a video from her radio show:

One commenter said: 'Why did you not use your platform before all this happen to help stop racism??? Why only every time a African American is killed?!!! Who is the racist here!!! Check yourself!!!'

Someone else wrote: 'I am at awe l went out last night in New York City and still with what has happened the police are still treating people of color with disrespect. It has been so hard for me to comprehend everything that is going on. I live in Soho's district and looking out at so many people hurting and wanting justice. I'm not a person of color but @evamarcille I am with you in doing my part for HUMAN RIGHTS all people should be treated with respect PERIOD.'

A follower said: 'If you are not offering a solution by the WORD OF GOD IT’s a waste of time. We must learn spiritual warfare, and since you don’t know how I can show you. God is going to hold you accountable for not declaring His word when you say that you are Christians.'

Eva has been addressing what’s been going on in the streets following the tragic death of George Floyd.

She made sure to tell people that there are all kinds of bad actors involved in these protests that make the BLM supporters look bad.

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