Eva Marcille Impresses Fans With A Message About Betrayal And Closure

Eva Marcille Impresses Fans With A Message About Betrayal And Closure
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Eva Marcille managed to impress a lot of fans with a motivational message that she decided to share on her social media account. It's about betrayal and how to heal yourself and find the closure within.

Check out her message that she shared on her IG account below.

Someone told Eva, 'I Filed for divorce on Monday. It hurts because we have ten children. I needed to see this.'

Another thankful follower said: 'My God! I needed to read this today. It’s crazy how people who hurt you can carry on their lives without regrets or shame of apology. Thanks for sharing.'

Someone else posted this: 'This came right on time for me. This journey is so hard, but God! The pain just hit different when you thought the person was solid.'

One follower said: 'omg! this is so accurate to me right now... I love you, Eva, you are greatest.'

Another fan wrote: '@evamarcille did you have a talk with my Bishop. He is teaching this tonight in bible study.'

A diehard fan posted this following message in the comments: 'It helps tremendously and saves a lot of your own energy. If the person who violated you takes accountability. Even if they never apologize. But for them to apologize also is the Big Bang! Seeking closure is just a part of healing. Doing it by yourself is in a way self-torture, cause you didn’t violate yourself, by yourself.'

Somoene else said: 'Yeah, but if they really mattered to me I need the closure of them knowing why. I'm just dont care about the coerced apologies.'

Other than this, recently Eva praised her husband, Mike Sterling, publicly on social media. She reposted one of his own posts, and she addressed the love for justice.

Fans praised the couple and wished them all the best.

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