Eva Marcille Gushes Over Her Husband, Mike Sterling And Addresses The Love For Justice

Eva Marcille Gushes Over Her Husband, Mike Sterling And Addresses The Love For Justice
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Eva Marcille praised her husband, Mike Sterling, publicly on social media. She reposted one of his own posts, and you can check it out below.

Eva addresses the love of justice, as you will see in the message.

'Repost from @miketsterling “The love of justice is, in most men, nothing more than the fear of [seeing someone] suffer injustice.” Justice won today. Exonerated! It means so much that you trusted @carlos_tanner_esq and myself with your life @miraclekaye. Thank you for believing in us. It’s over. It’s all over. Case dismissed. Exonerated. Not guilty. #sterlingsays #dreyersterling #thetannerlawfirm #exonerated #notguilty @miketsterling I am so proud of you. Your dedication and fierce determination have saved her life. Gods work. My husband @miketsterling is EVERYTHING @monascottyoung you were so instrumental in this... it’s because of what you decided to show the world on your @vh1 TV show #lhhny that this connection was made and now this case has been DISMISSED!!! Yes,' Eva captioned her post.

Tanya Sam hopped in the comments and said: 'Wow. And Another One 💪🏾'

Someone said: 'Omg!!!!!! I remember her story!!!! I’m so happy Mike was on the case! This is an amazing win! Congrats @mikesterling 🎉'

A commenter wrote this: 'Yes I remember her, rich dollaz and their daughter. glad she's been exonerated.'

One Instagrammer exclaimed: 'This is awesome!! Glad everything worked for her...I remember the episodes on LHHNY.'

Someone else said: 'Now she can get back to her babies and focus on their future together.... this is amazing.'

A commenter posted: 'Omg I remember this. Rich was hurt her daughter almost left school. I’m so glad things worked out for her.'

Eva recently impressed her fans with another message that she shared on her social media account.

This triggered her fans to send Eva lots of love via the comments section.

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