Eva Marcille Believes You Should Judge A Person Based On The Inside, Not Their Appearance

Eva Marcille Believes You Should Judge A Person Based On The Inside, Not Their Appearance
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Eva Marcille had a really inspirational message for her fans on social media. Check out what she posted recently and what triggered her fans to send her so much love.

'Let’s be bigger than optics🌻' Eva captioned her post.

Someone slammed her and said: 'Yet you’re the first to call someone black with a Q! Are you only a black woman once a year? @evamarcille.'

Another follower brought up RHOA and had this to say: 'Hallelujah Praise GOD...my appearance does NOT always indicate that I am a disABLED woman. Society has gotten to where people actually have to SEE some sort of physical limitations or problem before they define someone as DISabled. This upsets me because what makes millions of others like me PAINs any less. It amazes me that most people only show compassion to a certain group of DISABLED ONLY because of their APPEARANCE? I am a WOman of GOD, but I get so sick of the bs... Sorry but not sorry I had to purge...stay blessed, and I have been binge-watching the housewives.'

One follower said: 'Lol yea, well judgment is hypocrisy, ain’t one person here not doing what someone else did just ain’t get caught, I know a few tea bags that need to be used for some serious cups of tea, innocence is apparently for the skillfully omitting.'

Anyway, the comments continue, and it's obvious that Eva managed to trigger a massive debate with this post.

Someone else posted this: 'In the words of Bro. Martin lest not judge by the color of our skin but the CONTENT of our Character. We are failing this one big time!🖤'

Eva managed to surprise her fans with a message regarding her mixed race, just a couple of days ago.

She hopped on her IG account and addressed a question that she’s reportedly asked by her fans all the time.

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