Eva Marcille Addresses Her Mixed Race - See Her Surprising Message

Eva Marcille Addresses Her Mixed Race - See Her Surprising Message
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Eva Marcille just addressed a question that she's reportedly asked by her fans all the time. Check out the latest message that she shared on her social media account not too long ago.

'I am always asked if I’m mixed... and the answer is Yes! I’m black mixed with Shea butter, coconut oil, collard greens, hot water corn bread, raw beauty, poppin style, personality, woke intellect, strength of my ancestors, self love, power, love, grit, respect and hustle... but mainly I’m BLACK!' Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: '@evamarcille was at CAU reppin all her beautiful blackness way before the fame she was gorgeous and graceful with it... and btw Puerto Rican May not be African American but they’re Black.'

Another follower posted this: 'I never thought you were anything but black, that's been very clear since top models. You always rep Compton and being black.'

Someone else wrote: 'Omg social media can sometimes take a great comment and turn it into a debate. Lord people just let people speak omg @evamarcille 😍'

A commenter posted: 'Since being Black is the current trend, everybody wants to be Black & Proud!! 🙄🙄' and someone else said: 'I don’t like the term mixed. We are people with different cultures some with multiple cultures. We need really to change our mindset.'

Eva recently impressed her fans and followers when she reposted one on Mike Sterling’s posts for Marley Sterling’s birthday. This was really emotional and had a lot of fans and followers in tears.

'Repost from @miketsterling On the East wall of our home sits an old large framed photo, courtesy of @thankfulcliff, that has on it a quote I used to inspire my staff years ago: “Earn it Everyday,” the message began.

You should definitely check out the whole message because it's really emotional and deep.

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