Eva Marcille Has Precious Advice For Her Fans

Eva Marcille Has Precious Advice For Her Fans
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Eva Marcille shared a piece of precious advice for fans on social media account. Fans agree entirely with the message that Eva posted on her IG.

Someone commented: 'Beautiful 💖that should be the goal for everybody 💖' and another follower said: 'man this is a great post, but it’s hard to do that to people who hate you just because you live your life in happiness.'

Somoene else wrote, 'Is there an expiration date? When you treat friends and family good, and they take it for weakness, do I back down or run?'

Another follower said: 'That’s what I’m trying to do out here, just showing love for everyone.'

One follower posted this: 'Exactly...I try and do my part..more on social media and personally.. Sometimes you have to create and cultivate the type of environment that you want!!'

Another one of Eva's fans said: 'See that's my problem, I do that and make them feel like someone then they get mad cause they want to be the next Mrs. and I'm just not ready for all that and hell....Again.'

Other than this, Eva spent a great Valentine's Day with Mike Sterling.

'My love, my friend, my partner @miketsterling happy Valentine’s Day💕' she wrote on social media.

A follower said: 'This is the Perfect Example of how not to give up on love,' and another fan gushed over Eva and said: 'Eva you are so gorge. Wow. You were in High School with my niece Leisha Green at Washington High School.'

Someone else posted this: 'The way you look at says everything! And I’m looking for that type of love.'

Eva managed to impress a lot of fans with a motivational message that she decided to share on her social media account.

It’s about betrayal and how to heal yourself and find the closure within.

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