Erica Mena's Fans Cannot Believe That She Can Still Wear Heels: 'You've Been Slaying This Pregnancy'

Erica Mena's Fans Cannot Believe That She Can Still Wear Heels: 'You've Been Slaying This Pregnancy'
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Erica Mena shared some pics in which she's showing off her baby bump. You probably saw that she had been literally flooding her social media account with pregnancy pics , and she could not be prouder of her baby bump.

In one of the pics, you can see she is wearing heels, and fans are shocked to see that her feet are not even swollen.

'Me & God just playing “Simon Says” 🤑 dress & shoes: @prettylittlething,' Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I wish I could have still pulled off heels she makes it look easy,' and a follower posted this: 'Damn she getting THICK!! Look at her legs 😍😍'

One follower wrote: 'I can’t believe you can still wear heels and haven’t had any swelling in your feet! You have slain your entire pregnancy!!🔥🙌' and another shocked fan said: 'how do your feet still look sooo good. 😮 I'm jealous.'

A fan told Erica: 'I love how every post is a promo !!! True hustler !! But y'all shop @lashday it'll help you slay tf outta ya whole pregnancy as she did!'

One follower priased Erica and said: 'I love this outfit, I love YOU! I already know people going to be hating about your swelling but baby that is inevitable, and you are fucking rocking that shit like a mother fucking GODESS babe !!! Honestly, I’ve been following you since the first time you were on love & hip hop, and I think you look your best right now simply because you were already beautiful, but that happiness glow is something completely different, and you can’t fake it!'

The same fan continued and wrote: 'SO happy for you, and I wish y’all many, many MORE blessings! P.s. I can not WAIT to see this beautiful babygirl, she is going to be GORGEOUS!!! Omg, could you Please post a pic of your parents and you as a baby then His parents & him when he was a baby cause I can’t wait to see who she favors and I bet she’ll favor one of them too! @iamerica_mena @iamerica_mena @safaree @safaree.'

People have been telling Erica that she never looked more beautiful, and they could not be happier for her.

Since she became pregnant and got married to Safaree, the woman is simply glowing from the inside.

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