Erica Mena Shows Off Her Pregnancy Glow Ahead Of New Year's Eve

Erica Mena Shows Off Her Pregnancy Glow Ahead Of New Year's Eve
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Erica Mena's fans cannot wait for her to give birth to her and Safaree's baby girl. She has been flaunting her pregnancy for a really long time now, and the future mom could not be prouder of her baby belly.

She recently posted a new pic on her social media account, and fans are mesmerized by her beauty.

Someone said: 'You make pregnancy look like a cakewalk! #Beautiful,' and a follower posted this: 'How in the hell do you avoid peeing in your pants? When I was pregnant.. boy, oh boy. My weak ass bladder.'

One other commenter wrote: 'Okay I don’t like the uptown, but you just made me love it 😭 always said it was a granny bag, but I take it back. 😍😍😍'

Erica also advertised a makeup palette on her social media account:

'#JuviasPartner. Ladies & All my MUA followers!!! You all gotta get in on this sale! @JuviasPlace Mini pallets are a must-have for our makeup bag and kits. They are so pigment and so beautiful. From nudes, browns, and gorgeous bold colors. My favorite is the nude and chocolate pallet. Here is a little “How Too” on how I do my no makeup/makeup on the go glam in 4 mins. Don’t forget to use my code MENA for money off. #JuviasPartner #NewMiniPallets #JuviasPlace'

One fan told Erica: 'This baby is so good to you.. you can see the pregnancy in your face, but it's beautiful. Most of the ladies I know that have baby girls show totally in the face and ass.'

Someone else said: 'I’m a JP junkie! I can’t get enough of their pallets and foundation! I switch between them and Fenty Beauty. Love, love love!'

Not too long ago, Safaree praised Erica and all the women in general in a heartfelt message on his social media account.

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