Erica Mena Shows Off Her Grocery Shopping Outfit And Fans Are Drooling Over Her Curves

Erica Mena Shows Off Her Grocery Shopping Outfit And Fans Are Drooling Over Her Curves
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Erica Mena shows off the outfit that she threw on just to go grocery shopping and fans cannot get enough of her jaw-dropping curves. People cannot even believe that she just gave birth not too long ago.

Check out the photo that Safaree's wife shared on her IG account below. It really looks like the regular exercising sessions that both she and Safaree are doing at home are truly paying off.

'Get dressed up just to buy groceries 😩 fit: @fashionnova,' Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I’m truly genuinely happy for you that u found true bliss...much love,' and someone else said: 'You look soooooo bomb!!!! Gave me so much confidence.'

One follower posted this: 'That’s how the body of a mother looks without a makeover.... looking great,' and someone else said: 'I love how you always fucking it up in some heels!!!! Even when you were carrying. Just beautiful.'

A fan posted: 'Kudos to any woman that can wear those pencil-thin stilettos,' and a follower loved that Erica is showing off her post-pregnancy body like this: 'I love that you’re showing how postpartum really is, and the bounce back isn’t realistic! Your body is so bomb Erica!!!! #[email protected]_mena.'

Someone else said: 'That pregnancy weight look good on you can tell all exercise no surgeries. I adore you..Thick Thick..I know hubbs can't get enough..enjoy.'

One other follower said: 'So Spanish! she looks good.'

In other news, Erica shared a couple of photos on her social media account to show off a new mask that she got, but fans cannot focus. You should out the photos that she shared on IG, and you will understand the reason.

Other than this, Erica is spending her time at home these days together with Safaree and their baby girl. Fans cannot wait to find out the baby's name and to see her more.

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