Erica Mena Shows Fans Her Latest Obsession - Check Out Her Video Here

Erica Mena Shows Fans Her Latest Obsession - Check Out Her Video Here
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Erica Mena is showing her fans and followers on her social media account what's her latest obsession. She's also sharing what she's been cooking these days while social distancing.

'Obsessed with @premadonna87cooks cookware 🙌🏽 I can make practically anything in no time. Tonight I made a healthy dish - Chicken, and corn chilly. I put it over brown rice and added avocado slices to add the perfect touch. Watch my story to get all the details on how to make this dish so you can order your @premadonna87cooks cookware. Even if you can’t cook, you can use this and make cooking at home perfect for you,' Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I would’ve never thought to make chili like this, but I must admit it does lol🔥' and another follower posted this: 'Looks good!! The baby sounds mad in the background.'

A commenter wrote: 'Baby girl knew you were recording 😂 she like let me put mom on blast. 😂'

One follower said: 'People on here acting like babies dont cry even when you have them in your hands. Relax, her husband is likely watching the baby while she cooks. Swear people act like they dont know what real life is.'

One other person wrote: 'Please do a YouTube channel or do IGTV of you cooking different meals please !! @iamerica_mena.'

Another fan was happy to see something else besides the coronavirus-related news online and posted: 'Looks so good Erica! I love this post!! It's a nice change from all the craziness! Can't wait to try the recipe.'

Just the other day, Erica wanted to make the days of her followers a bit brighter, and she came up with an announcement these days, during the crisis that we’re in.

You should check out the message that she shared on her social media account and which made a lot of her followers excited.

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