Erica Mena Shares More Gorgeous Pics From Her Wedding - See The Ring-Bearer, Flower Girls And BFFs

Erica Mena Shares More Gorgeous Pics From Her Wedding - See The Ring-Bearer, Flower Girls And BFFs
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Erica Mena got married to Safaree back in 2019, and fans were really disappointed at the time due to the fact that she had not shared any pics or footage from her wedding. But it seems that she decided to share some amazing images from this important event in her life, and fans have been in awe for a few days.

Erica shared more pics, and you can check them out below, just to see how amazing everything was.

'My God Son as my ring bearer and My Perfect Flower Girls ✨🌹 @bridalstylesboutique crowns for the princesses ✨🌹' Erica captioned the post which includes pics with the ring bearer and flower girls.

One of Erica's pals said: 'My first wedding with the most beautiful Bride I have ever seen 🤍 love you so much,' and a fan posted this: 'Omg King must be in tears watching his mom transform into a living princess! Rock on Erica! 💜'

Erica also shared a bunch of pics featuring her BFFs:

'Forever My Ladies 🌹✨ These Queens have been in my life for YEARS! My Real Friends♥️ Blood never needed to make us Sisters. I love you ladies so much 🌹✨ Thank you @abyssbyabby for these sexy but so elegant dresses for my ladies,' Erica captioned the post which includes more pics of her BFFs.

A fan said: 'I absolutely love how she is still friends with Amina...' and another follower posted this: 'I love the grace you have. So happy, congratulations!!'

Someone else wrote: 'Beautiful they all look so beautiful as well you are truly blessed and have cake along the way.'

One of Erica's BFFs said: 'Babe we been down from day 1. Love you forever and ever and ever.... ❤️❤️ and love all you ladies too. We hold each other down in real life!!!! #family.'

Fans were really happy to see Erica sharing a photo with her son as well .

What do you think about Erica's wedding so far, judging by what you can tell from these pics?

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