Erica Mena Completes A Body Challenge On This Handy App

Erica Mena Completes A Body Challenge On This Handy App
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Erica Mena has been advertising this app for quite a while now. She told her fans that it proved to be really useful to her, and she's promoting it on her social media account.

'Alright, this @flattummyapp is literally EVERYTHING I’ve been looking for. There are 450+ workouts that I can do right in my own living room - no equipment needed! What’s better than that, right?! Plus they have tons of amazing recipes that are super easy to make, while being delicious. Download their 12-month plan and get six months FREE 📲' Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I keep saying it, but you honestly blow my mind. One of the baddest pregnant women I’ve ever seen. Here’s an award 🥇'

A follower exclaimed: 'I can’t believe you haven’t had that baby yet. I know you are ready to meet your sweet girl.'

Someone else gushed over Erica and said: 'OMG I absolutely love you and I think you are so fucking beautiful with no make.'

A follower said that this will be one healthy baby: 'That baby is going 2 be healthy AF. My sister delivered hers at 43 weeks, 1 more day it would have been a deadline, her belly looked just like this.👏waiting for water to break it never did😴, the DR told her healthy babies want to stay inside their momma's belly, my sis did natural birth, no epidural, gorgeous healthy bb girl. If you are fit & healthy nice weight & fly AF this is what a great pregnancy looks like.😊 some of ya & yall premie babies or not fully develop fetuses stop rushing the process of a healthy pregnancy.'

An Instagrammer priased Erica's natural look and said: 'I just want to say, through all of your pics on social media, seeing you on Tv, etc. - my favorite look of yours is makeup-free. You my lovely, are Gorgeous!! ❤️ motherhood looks good on you mama! 😍'

Erica is living her best life, and it's true that both she and Safaree cannot wait to meet their baby girl .

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