Erica Mena And Safaree Are Still Going Strong - Check Out The Video From Her Birthday Trip

Erica Mena And Safaree Are Still Going Strong - Check Out The Video From Her Birthday Trip
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It's been rumoured that Erica Mena and Safaree are not doing so great these days and that there is trouble in their marriage. Some of Safaree's posts also fueled more rumours but it seems that eventually, these two are doing just fine.

Check out a new video that popped up online in which the couple is having a great time ahead of Erica's birthday. See the clip below:

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Someone said: 'Can’t judge people based off social media,' and another follower posted this message: 'Relationships need to stay off social media, so you don’t look stupid in the end. 🙄🙄'

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One other commenter said: 'Prolly was never bad tho lmao u know public figures always do the most for social media purposes 💀'

There were a lot of fans who said that Erica and Safaree are doing just fine these days, but they're only trying to draw attention for the public just ahead of him dropping some new music.

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And it turns out that they might have been right!

Anyway, Erica also made fans happy when she revealed the face of her daughter to fans and followers. They were waiting for this for a really long time.

Erica made her fans extremely happy when she finally decided to share a couple of photos in which people can finally see the beautiful face of her and  Safaree ‘s daughter.

Safaree  and  Erica Mena  have been making a lot of headlines these days after some rumours that they are having troubles in paradise popped up.

He recently apologized  after messing up.


It seems that these two are just fine, and their fans could not be happier to see this.

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