Erica Mena Reveals Fitness That Fits Your Schedule - See Her Video Here

Erica Mena Reveals Fitness That Fits Your Schedule - See Her Video Here
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Erica Mena gave birth this year, and she managed to snap back quicker than anyone thought it would be possible. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account, and that managed to impress her fans a lot.

'I gave birth February 2020 - This was your girl a month later in March. Trust me, I had to push myself but documented the whole process for you ladies to join me. It was important to me we created a relatable program. So throughout the first half of this program, you will see how extremely out of shape I was, BUT I was working!' Erica told her fans.

She continued and said: 'Finally, Fitness That Fits Your Schedule and truly motivates you. Unleash A New Level Of Fitness From Home. Minimal Equipment Needed. For one hour a day, honor yourself. @getstuntfit Mind & Body 30-day program is LIVE. We start tomorrow. This program will help you start a healthy driven fitness journey for you to set goals and reach them. If you are just getting started or if you have been out of the gym for a while and want to get back on track with motivation.'

Erica also explained that 'Each day you of the program you will get videos to work out along with Myself and Hollywood's go-to man @confusedmuscles 💪🏿This program also comes with detailed Weekly Meal Plans created by a certified nutritionist for Men, Woman, and New Moms. STAY CONSISTENT with the program and trust the process of your hard work. You will enjoy the results acquired within this program. LINK IN BIO.'

Someone is not a believer and said: 'Nah sis, you got work done... Not pulling you down, but the transformation is just unrealistic... Where did the bubble hips go in such a short period of time?😒'

One otheer follow posted this: 'So no surgery? Lol, your hips are giving me surgery vibes, idk.'

A fan answered: 'you can achieve hips like that without surgery if you work out. I think y’all forget you can have the body without surgery.'

Someone else wrote: 'I'm sorry, but the way she was doing the first workout took me out 😭😭.'

In other news, it's been earlier revealed that Erica Mena  has been telling her fans for a really long time that embracing your natural beauty is the best thing to do .

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