Elizabeth Hurley And Damian Hurley Twin In Matching Christmas Sweaters

Elizabeth Hurley And Damian Hurley Twin In Matching Christmas Sweaters
Credit: Source: Elizabeth Hurley/Instagram

Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian Hurley were definitely feeling the holiday spirit when the two shared matching photos of themselves twinning in Christmas sweaters. Both have been feeling the sting of the Coronavirus pandemic and have been forced to stay home and quarantine. Back in April, Damian lamented turning 18-years-old and not being able to have a large celebration. As the global pandemic has hit the one year mark, this has proved to be a difficult Christmas for many. Those who are faring the best are those who have close, healthy relationships with their immediate family and there's no question that Damian and Elizabeth fit the bill.

On Christmas, the duo took to their social media pages and not only showed off their stunning looks (Elizabeth's age-defying beauty is a marvel to behold and Damian signed with IMG Models and is embarking on what looks to be a very lucrative modeling career) but playfully teased why they were dressed alike.

The mother and son appear to be very close friends and that is always a gift that not all parents enjoy.

Elizabeth shared the photo on Instagram where she has 1.8 million followers. Elizabeth shared the following remarks along with her photo.

Yes!!! Mummy made @damianhurley1 wear a matching sweater. Happy Christmas everyone. We couldn’t see Jupiter & Saturn but we did eat a lot of Quality Streets ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Source: Elizabeth Hurley/Instagram

Damian has been sharing more photos on his official Instagram account, where the striking model has 92.8k followers. His fanbase is quickly growing and there's little doubt that the more he works and gets exposure, the greater demand will be. Fans are pointing out that Damian has already acted and they want to see him return to the screen and not just appear in magazines!

Damian shared the following message along with his Christmas photo.

Swear I was conned into matching outfits 😡 Merry Christmas hehe xxxxx

What do you think about Damian's and Elizabeth's matching Christmas sweaters and photo?


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