Donald Trump Spotted Wearing A Mask For The First Time Since Pandemic Began

Donald Trump Spotted Wearing A Mask For The First Time Since Pandemic Began
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According to multiple reports, Donald Trump made a visit to the Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland, this Saturday, and lo-and-behold, the president of the United States of America wore a mask. Hot New Hip Hop claims it's the first time he has publicly worn one since the pandemic made its way into the United States.

During his appearence at the hospital, Trump was checking on injured soldiers and essential workers. Before he visited the hospital, Donald said to reporters that he'll "probably have a mask."

The president went on to say that wearing a mask in a hospital setting isn't a bad idea, especially considering the number of vulnerable people in there. As most know, some have accused the president of not taking the virus seriously enough.

During the same chat with reporters, Trump claimed he was never against the idea of wearing a mask, he just believes there is a time and a place to wear them.

As his fans and his detractors know, the president has poked fun at other politicians for wearing a mask, including the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

The US president said in the past that he only communicates and gets in close proximity to people who have been tested on a regular basis.

According to The Associated Press, Trump has refused to wear masks while in public because he wants the public to focus more on economic recovery rather than coronavirus.

On their website, Hot New Hip Hop claims, the Walter Reed Hospital urges the public to wear a mask in public, especially in areas with large gatherings of people. The advice probably comes at the recommendation and guidelines of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Earlier this year, Trump gave his first campaign rally in months when he stopped by Tulsa, Oklahoma, to reconnect with his base. During his speech, the president poked fun at COVID-19, insinuating that the media coverage and data collection were hysterical.

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