Joe Biden Chats With Jimmy Kimmel - Says He Doesn't Get Why Trump Isn't Attacking Coronavirus Faster

Joe Biden Chats With Jimmy Kimmel - Says He Doesn't Get Why Trump Isn't Attacking Coronavirus Faster
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During a new episode of Jimmy Kimmel's reduced talk show, he sat down with the presidential candidate, Joe Biden, to discuss the coronavirus pandemic. The Hollywood Reporter picked up on the show in which Kimmel said to him off-hand that the world has practically forgotten all about the presidential election.

On his end, Biden was filming from what used to be his recreation room. As most know, the federal government and state governments have requested citizens to stay behind closed doors and minimize all contact with other people, especially in public.

Biden has been following that order, although, he hasn't been "officially quarantined." When asked what he's been up to lately, Biden said that he's been doing a lot more cooking. Additionally, he's been spending a lot of time speaking with governors and other elected officials about the coronavirus.

Naturally, Biden took the opportunity to talk about the president of the United States, Donald Trump, claiming that he wasn't pleased with the way The Apprentice alum has handled things thus far, for instance, the speed at which he and his administration has made decisions.

Biden said to the talk-show host that the coronavirus obviously wasn't the president's fault, but he thinks that we could definitely speed things up in terms of how we respond to it.

One issue of contention that the presidential candidate has is that he doesn't understand why Trump won't help certain states with the acquisition of medical supplies like masks.

The Democratic nominee claimed that the president has the power to make big decisions, but he hasn't been acting in that way. Biden says he hasn't done what's "rational to do." During press conferences, the president has stated it's much faster for states to get their own supplies.

Trump has said a few times now that it was possible businesses would be open again by Easter time, but the presidential candidate believes that's false.

Furthermore, Kimmel asked him whether or not he was going to get a female running mate, and Biden said all options are open at the moment because they're just getting started. According to Biden, he asked Sarah Palin if she wanted to run, but she said "no."

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