Jimmy Kimmel Talks About His Future In The Late Night Comedy Domain

Jimmy Kimmel began his career on late night comedy shows in 2003 when his […]

Posted on Jun 5, 2022 9:17 PM

Jimmy Kimmel thanked the doctors who saved his life on his son's 5th Birthday

Five years after Jimmy Kimmel opened up about the terrible crisis his son Billy […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Reflects On The Heart Surgeries His Child Had

Fans of Jimmy Kimmel know that health care is one of the closest issues […]

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Regis Philbin - Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Harrison, Hoda Kotb And More Honor The Iconic TV Host After His Passing

The news of Regis Philbin’s passing has saddened many and so, a lot of […]

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Is Jimmy Kimmel Losing His Show For Good?

Is Jimmy Kimmel losing his show for good? That's the question many people are […]

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Adam Carolla Speaks Out In Support Of Jimmy Kimmel Amid Blackface Controversy

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel apologized for appearing in blackface years ago, and his […]

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Posted on Jun 23, 2020 1:35 PM

Matt Damon Jokingly Asks What He'll Do Now After Jimmy Kimmel Announces Time Off - What About Appearing On The Show?

Jimmy Kimmel is dedicated to his family, but unfortunately, the television talk show host […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Will Host This Year's Emmy Awards - Says That He Doesn't Know How They'll Do It

Billboard said today that Jimmy Kimmel will come back to host the 2020 Primetime […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Explains What 'White Privilege' Means To His Viewers

Jimmy Kimmel gave an impassioned monologue on his show this week in which he […]

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