Donald Trump Pokes Fun At COVID-19 Testing At Tulsa Rally - Insinuates The Media Coverage Is Hysterical

Donald Trump Pokes Fun At COVID-19 Testing At Tulsa Rally - Insinuates The Media Coverage Is Hysterical
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As it was previously reported, Donald Trump had his rally on Saturday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, his first in months ever since the COVID-19 pandemic made its mark in the United States.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the president of the United States and his administration said that a million tickets were requested, however, reports from this week stated around 6,200 showed up.

It's unclear what caused the low-turnout, although, some believe it's because of COVID-19. The president had a lot to say regardless. It's been reported by many publications that the rallies are a way for Trump to connect with his base and blow off steam.

This weekend, it was no different, because the president took his usual shots at the mainstream media, in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic. The president, in front of the crowd, poked fun at the idea of coronavirus testing.

During his speech, the president poked fun at the coronavirus through an insinuation that it wasn't all that serious. He used the example of a 10-year-old boy with the "sniffles" to illustrate his point that testing everyone was not only unnecessary, but a young child was going to make it through the illness anyway.

Furthermore, the president said aloud that he wanted the country to start opening schools back up again because children and young people weren't at risk of dying from the virus. According to the president, in some areas, hardly any young people died from the virus at all.

This isn't the only time the president has been in the news regarding the Oklahoma event. Before the Tulsa rally, Trump warned Black Lives Matter protestors that if they showed up they would be treated much differently t han they were in the cities of Seattle, Washington, D.C., and New York City, among others.

The president later addressed these comments in Tulsa, stating that nearly all of the mayhem occurred in cities run by democrats.

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