Donald Trump Speaks With Dave Portnoy Of Barstool Sports About The Problems With Twitter

Donald Trump Speaks With Dave Portnoy Of Barstool Sports About The Problems With Twitter
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Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a new interview between Donald Trump and Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy, a conversation during which the president and the exec talked about Twitter as a social sharing platform, including some of its drawbacks.

According to the outlet, the last few months have been tough on Dave Portnoy. Reportedly, there are videos of Portnoy using "racial slurs" and acting unfavorably toward other employees. The organization is now being criticized because of it.

Even though Barstool Sports isn't considered as a major player in the news media landscape, the outlet is still a part of the 4th pillar of democracy. They frequently comment on some of the more controversial issues of the day.

Hot New Hip Hop says it was actually Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, who reached out to Mr. Portnoy for an interview.

Reportedly, Portnoy has expressed his admiration for Trump previously. During the interview, the Barstool Sports CEO asked Trump for his thoughts on Twitter, which Donald uses more than any other social media platform.

According to the president, it isn't the tweets, themselves, that get him into trouble in the media, it's the re-tweets. He claims it's not always clear what's in the re-tweets because there are hidden messages that aren't clearly visible before you re-tweet them.

This year, the president is up against Joe Biden in the 2020 election, however, in what has been described as very surprising news, Kanye West also revealed he was going to run for the seat in the Oval Office.

However, some reports have suggested it's too late for the rapper, who has already missed primaries in a few key states. Moreover, the rapper's mental health condition has been called into question after he slammed his immediate family on Twitter.


It's not clear if Kanye really is running for the position, however, he did put on his first rally ever this past weekend in South Carolina. Portnoy, on the other hand, was involved in a publicized feud with the creators of the Call Her Daddy podcast.

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