Barack Obama Has President Donald Trump Going Wild For Appearing In This Video

Barack Obama Has President Donald Trump Going Wild For Appearing In This Video
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It was the socially-distanced event of the political season -- former President Barack Obama sat down with his friend and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for a deep conversation about all that matters to the American voters.

Biden and Obama reached out to small business owners, those who are unemployed, and the many who are battling with the coronavirus.

At the moment, there are more than 3.9 million coronavirus cases in the U.S., and over 143,000 people have died.

Obama stated: “You and I had experience dealing with health crises, public health crises, and in each instance what you and I understood, and why I have so much confidence that you're going to be able to deal with COVID in the way that other countries with our kinds of resources are dealing with it right now, which is smart — I have confidence you're going to actually listen to the experts.”

The former POTUS added: “And you're going to pay attention to the science, and you're not going to quit on trying to actually bend down the curve of disease and transmission rates."

Obama concluded by: “I know how deeply you care about American families, and that any loss of life that is preventable if you're President of the United States, it's your job to try and prevent it. If you want the economy growing again, people have to feel safe.”

President Donald Trump was quick to answer Obama in a wild tweet that read: "Obama, who wouldn’t even endorse Biden until everyone else was out of the primaries (and even then waited a long time!), is now making a commercial of support. Remember, I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for them. I wouldn’t be President. They did a terrible job!"

A voter bashed Trump: "Yeh Obama wanted to let the people decide between Bernie and Biden before he took aside. That’s called being a real one."

Another person said: "Obama lives in this guy head rent-free. His obsession with President Obama is actually scary 😳😳. He understands Obama did two terms, right !!!! He’s only President because Obama Literally can’t run again."

This observer stated: "Remember, Obama did TWO terms. That’s the limit, and he was President as long as possible. You wouldn’t be in office if it weren’t for people voting for Harambe."

The November election has the two sides on edge.

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