Donald Trump Rocks Grey Hair And Social Media Memes And Mocks Him - ‘Hair Dye Has Conceded!’

Donald Trump Rocks Grey Hair And Social Media Memes And Mocks Him - ‘Hair Dye Has Conceded!’
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The POTUS’ latest press conference appearance left everyone pretty confused but the internet was quick to come up with all kinds of memes that linked his grey hair to him losing the presidential election. That’s right! Donald Trump ’s usually yellow dyed hair was no longer!

Trump’s public appearance caused many to raise an eyebrow since he usually makes sure to dye his hair no matter what.

This was his very first press conference since Joe Biden won the election and he looked so much different than usual that users had a field day mocking him.

One Twitter user joked that ‘The person who dyes Donald Trump’s hair yellow must have found another job,’ while another wondered – holding nothing back: ‘White hair–are you trying to look like @JoeBiden, a real president?’ Yikes!

Another person hilariously tweeted that ‘Donald Trump’s hair dye has conceded,’ making reference to the fact that Trump is refusing to concede himself.

Someone else had an interesting theory: ‘Donald Trump has thrown so many tantrums this week he forgot to use his Just for Men hair dye.’

As for what he discussed at the press event, it was pretty much all about the COVID-19 pandemic.

More precisely, he opened up about ‘Operation Warp Speed,’ suggesting that Pfizer’s vaccine, which has been proven to be 90% effective against the virus, might be available to the public quite soon.

When it comes to his presidency, however, Donald Trump still insisted that only ‘time will tell’ if there will be another administration taking over the White House in January.

This means that Trump is yet to concede, much to the outrage of many people out there who have already recognized Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ victory.


In the meantime, voters have been expressing relief and happiness over this, many celebrities doing the same!

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