Does Madison LeCroy Allow Austen Kroll To Still Be Friends With His Southern Charm Co-Star Shep Rose?

Does Madison LeCroy Allow Austen Kroll To Still Be Friends With His Southern Charm Co-Star Shep Rose?
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During Season 6 of Southern Charm , fans have watched Austen Kroll’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, cause some serious problems in his friendship with Shep Rose . It’s clear that Kroll’s girlfriend and bestie do not get along, but is it possible that their feud could actually bring Kroll and Rose’s friendship to an end?

Kroll definitely feels stuck in the middle, and he says it hasn’t been easy.

"The thing with Shep is he thinks you're just going to continuously choose Madison over him or over anyone else in your life and that's kind of being a bad friend," Kroll explained on the Southern Charm After Show . "He's like, no matter what she does to you, you continue to go back to her. I'm just really [between] a rock and a hard place. I'm like, this sucks. My girlfriend and my best buds do not get along."

Cameran Eubanks noted that friends can sometimes see things that you don’t because “you’re blinded by love,” and that definitely seems to be the case with Kroll and LeCroy’s relationship. Yes, Kroll cares about LeCroy, but he has admitted that he has been hesitant to take things to the next level with her because not only can they not agree on things like his love for partying and having a good time, but she is also a single mom, and he isn’t ready to be a stepdad.

Kroll says he can barely take care of himself, much less another human, and the fact that LeCroy has a child changes his perspective. Kroll has even talked to Kathryn Dennis about becoming a parent, and he says that he still doesn’t know if he is ready to be a father figure, and is simply taking things one step at a time.

Kroll is letting LeCroy take the lead on the future of their relationship. He says that she is the ultimate decision-maker, and she knows if he is the right fit for her lifestyle.

It still looks like Kroll isn’t sure if LeCroy is the right woman for him. She caught him cheating with two women last summer, and then she decided that gave her a “hall pause” so she cheated right back.

At this point, it’s hard to keep up with them and know if they are actually still together because their relationship status seems to change by the day. It’s also difficult for many fans to believe that Kroll would be willing to give up his close friendship with Rose just so he can continue to break-up and make-up with LeCroy.

This season’s reunion will be a must-see because Rose, Kroll, and LeCroy will have their chance to really go at it, and Craig Conover says it will be a “bloodbath.”

New episodes of Southern Charm air Wednesday nights on Bravo.


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