Director Julius Onah Talks About The Test That Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson Will Be Put To In Captain America 4

Director Julius Onah Talks About The Test That Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson Will Be Put To In Captain America 4
Credit: Kevin Winter

Marvel recently announced its plans for the next 2 to 3 years and the conversations around the upcoming films have already begun. One of the most popular announcements that Marvel has made this year is that of a 4th Captain America film titled Captain America: New World Order.

The film will see the mantle of Captain America passed on to Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie , who was previously the MCU's Falcon but took on the shield after the previous Captain America, Steve Rogers retired due to old age in Avengers: Endgame.

Fans are excited to see this change for the Captain America mantle in Captain America: New World Order and the director of the upcoming film Julius Onah has made it clear that this film will be very different from the Steve Rogers Captain America films.

In addition to this, Julius Onah has also recently spoken to ET at the D23 expo regarding what kind of challenges Sam Wilson's Captain America will have to go through in this installment of the franchise. He explained it in the following words that one of the biggest challenges that Sam Wilson will face in this movie is that he will be tested as a leader:

"We’re really testing him. And now that he’s taken the mantle of Captain America, he’s really going to question what it means to lead. And all the action and all the emotionality of the story is really built around him answering that question. His values are going to determine so much of what’s going to happen moving forward. We’re putting that to the test in this film."

It is definitely a new role for Sam Wilson's character who has previously only taken a side kick or at least a rather following role behind the previous Captain America Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans).

Since the Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier primarily only explored Sam's reluctance to take on the shield only for him to accept the mantle in the final episode, this will be the first time that the new Captain America will be seen in action. This will be an entirely new assignment for Anthony Mackie as well who now has to portray the character in an entirely new light.


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