Did Sofia Richie Get Lip Injections?

Did Sofia Richie Get Lip Injections?
Credit: Source: Sofia Richie/Instagram

Did Sofia Richie get lip injections? Some say yes. Sofia Richie is known for her beauty and she's a successful model as well as a social influencer. She was close friends with Kylie Jenner and dated Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy Scott Disick for nearly four years. Now some are wondering if she picked up a few tricks and habits from the Kardashians and Jenners including making her lips look fuller than they already are.

Though Sofia was never someone who had thin lips, some fans are asking questions about possible procedures she may have undergone due to Sofia's latest photos.

In the photos that you may see below, Sofia appears as if her top lip is bigger than her bottom lip. Natural lips are reversed whereas the bottom lip is fuller than the top. One of the tell-tale signs of lip fillers is that the top lip becomes the dominant part of the mouth and is larger than the bottom.

In the photo that you may see below, Sofia's top lip appears larger than her bottom and many people believe this is because she has had lip fillers. Now, some are worried that the young, 22-year-old beauty might start getting carried away with beauty modifications!

You may see the photo that Sofia Richie shared with her 6.5 million Instagram followers and got people talking about her lips below.

Here is an older photo that Sofia posted. What do you think? Do her lips look the same size to you?

Here is another throwback photo of Sofia Richie.

What do you think? Do you think Sofia Richie had lip injections?


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