Kevin Hart Says He's Not Trying To Become A Cynical Dad After Having His 4th Child

Kevin Hart Says He's Not Trying To Become A Cynical Dad After Having His 4th Child
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Kevin Hart is now the father of four children. People Magazine reported this week that not long after the 41-year-old actor welcomed his fourth baby with Eniko, Kaori Mai, Hart sat down with reporters from Extra about his family of six.

As fans of the stand-up comedian know, Hart has two other children from his previous relationship with Torrei Hart, Hendrix, and Heaven. The star said to the outlet that he had to pay attention to his thoughts and feelings because the last thing he wanted was to become the "jaded dad."

Hart joked that he has such experience in the delivery room at this point, that he feels like he could cut the umbilical cord and place it under the heat lamp himself, and with tremendous confidence, as well. Hart said that for him, it's about building a legacy that will continue living on without him.

As it was previously reported, Hart and Eniko had their fourth baby on the 29th of September, and they took to their Instagram accounts to share the happy news. You can check out this post below:

While things couldn't be better for Mr. Hart at the moment, there's no question the stand-up comedian's last couple of years have been rocky, to say the least. For instance, he was embroiled in a cheating scandal that nearly ended his marriage to Eniko.

Additionally, when he was announced as the host of the Academy Awards, Kevin swiftly came under fire for decades-old tweets in which he joked about his children being gay. The tweets were widely deemed as homophobic and offensive.

Kevin later appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she supported him amid the backlash. In fact, Kevin paid it forward to Ellen a few years later when Ellen dealt with her own controversy amid the quarantine lockdown earlier in 2020.


Kevin Hart and Ellen were spotted out having lunch together in the middle of the scandal which nearly cost Ellen's job, or at least so the sources had claimed at the time. Furthermore, Kevin got into a car crash that severely injured his back.

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