David Adefeso Remembers Ahmaud Arbery - Check Out His Emotional Message

David Adefeso Remembers Ahmaud Arbery - Check Out His Emotional Message
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David Adefeso is another famous person who is remembering Ahmaud Arbery. Check out the post that he shared on his social media account below.

David began by saying the following words: 'It is with much sorrow that we remember the tragic loss of the life of our brother, #AhmaudArbery One year to this day, while out jogging, Ahmaud was hunted and murdered by three white men, all of whom remained free from arrest and charges for three months after the murder. As a Black man, this broke my heart. As a runner myself, I was crushed!'

David continued his message and posted this: 'But even in our loss, we cherish the ultimate sacrifice of Ahmaud, because it served to galvanize not just the Black community, but the entire country, and indeed the world, to action, to protest the social and economic inequities and injustices that many still face today. These actions succeeded in raising the national awareness, and resulted in some social, economic and legal changes to our system over the past year too, in part, correct many of these injustices.'

He also said that 'However, much more still needs to be done. I am confident that Americans, in all of our greatness, will join hands to ensure that the most vulnerable in our society (the poor, the underrepresented and the underserved) will be given an equal chance to freely pursue the promises our forefathers made to us- of life, liberty and happiness.'

Tamar Braxon's former BF also said: 'So, as we all go about our day today, let us stop and take a moment of silence to remember Brother Ahmaud— for he died so that many others after him may live.'

David also dropped the following quote: '“Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” Isaiah 1:17.'


Lots of fans got all emotional in the comments and left a thought or two.

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