Dave Chappelle Reveals Why He Supports Andrew Yang - 'This Man Has Some Great Ideas'

Dave Chappelle Reveals Why He Supports Andrew Yang - 'This Man Has Some Great Ideas'
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At the beginning of January 2020, Dave Chappelle was in the media headlines for a reason other than his controversial performances. The comedian announced he was a member of the "Yang Gang," a term of endearment for social media users who support Andrew Yang as their presidential candidate.

During a conversation with Des Moines Register, Dave explained his position, arguing that Andrew Yang had some "great ideas," for how to handle the inevitable problems of the future, including the purported threat of automation.

Dave said to the outlet that nobody had to listen to him or not. In his view, he's simply doing his civic duty by talking publicly about his views and who he supports. Chappelle added that he thought Yang had some great ideas, and fans should look into them.

Andrew Yang has proven to be a popular option among Hollywood celebrities and the entertainment industry elite. Previously, even Elon Musk announced he was a big fan of Andrew Yang and supported him as a candidate.

As it was previously reported, Dave Chappelle first revealed he supported Andrew Yang in a social media post from earlier this month . Additionally, the stand-up comic announced two separate comedy shows in support of Andrew's candidacy.

Dave's concerts already went down, as of January 31st, with the first occurring on the 29th of January and the 30th in South Carolina. South Carolina is the first southern state to kick off the primaries. In response to Dave's public support of him, he wrote, "let's do this for our kids," after saying that Dave was "the best."

This past month, in LA, Donald Glover also revealed that Andrew Yang was his man. He and his team even sold merchandise for $1000 per item. The sweatshirts were signed by Glover, known also by his stage name, Childish Gambino.

The $1000 price-tag is no coincidence, as Yang has said repeatedly that he promises to give each US citizen $1000 per month. Andrew's proposal has been supported widely by many people and hated by others.

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