Billy Porter Says There's A Lot Of Homophobia In The Hip-Hop Community

Billy Porter Says There's A Lot Of Homophobia In The Hip-Hop Community
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The Pose star, Billy Porter, doesn't care what Pastor Troy had to say about Lil Nas X's sexuality or any LGBT star for that matter. TMZ recently spoke with the actor on Thursday morning, the 30th of January, while in New York City where they asked him what he thought of the Atlanta artist's comments on IG.

Ported said to them, "I don't think anything about it," but when asked whether it was a symptom of a much larger issue in the hip-hop and black community, Porter noted there was a "lot of homophobia in hip-hop." They asked him what could be done to solve the problem, and Porter responded, "I'm doing it by being who I am."

Additionally, Porter noted that he was incredibly proud of the "Old Town Road" artist's coming-out revelation in addition to his Grammy Awards outfit. Porter described it as "fabulous." Pastor Troy, on his IG account, took Lil Nas X to task for winning two Grammys for "Old Town Road."

Troy claims it was all part of the conspirational agenda to bring down heterosexual men. Lil Nas X wore a pink leather cowboy suit to the Grammy Awards, and when Troy's comments came out, Lil Nas X noted how good he looked.

Fame has certainly brought additional troubles for the young rapper. Ashley Mitchell reported earlier this year that Lil Nas X admitted that celebrity was having an ambiguous effect on his life. It hasn't been an easy adjustment.

Fans of Lil Nas X know that 2019 was easily his best year yet, case-in-point, his massive hit song, "Old Town Road," which was a success on many different levels.

According to Lil Nas X, he likes to pretend that being hated doesn't get to him, but truthfully, it "eats away" at him. The rapper added that it's a very sobering and "scary" thought to know that you have the world in your hands, but it can all disappear at any moment.

In September, Lil Nas X stated that he was going to take a break. However, he still took time out of his schedule to show up to the Grammy Awards.

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