Dakota Johnson Gets In The Holiday Spirit, Even If Ellen Isn't Her Favorite Comedian

Dakota Johnson Gets In The Holiday Spirit, Even If Ellen Isn't Her Favorite Comedian
Credit: Source: Kate Young/Instagram

Dakota Johnson appeared on The Ellen Show on Wednesday and she looked stunning as she was dressed for the holidays. Styled by Kate Young, she wore the checked tweed jacket and midi skirt by Alessandra Rich from the spring and summer 2020 collection. Though Dakota looked amazing and the set was filled with a holiday theme, the setting didn't help ease tensions and allow the interview to go off hitch-free. To say Dakota Johnson's interview with Ellen DeGeneres was awkward is putting it mildly.

Dakota was on the show to promote her new movie The Peanut Butter Falcon with Shia LaBeouf but the conversation quickly turned to Dakota's 30th birthday which she celebrated on October 4, 2019. Speaking about her birthday party Ellen began teasing Dakota about not being invited to the party to which Dakota explained that Ellen had been invited.

It was clear that Ellen didn't take Dakota up on the offer and in return, it was learned that Ellen had invited Dakota to her birthday party but Dakota left early.

Ellen then explained that comedian Tig Notaro had delivered an act at her own birthday party, but Dakota confessed she left Ellen's party early and missed Tig's act.

Dakota then stated that Tig Notaro delivered the same set at her party and then Dakota referred to Tig as her favorite comedian — right in front of Ellen!

Dakota Johnson stated the following.

"She did a bunch of funny stuff. She's my favorite comedian...other than you."

Ellen looked at Dakota in shock and then said her own snarky comeback.

"I was talking to my favorite actress, Jen Aniston."

You may see the interview as it transpired in the video player below.

One of the funniest moments took place when Dakota looked at Ellen exasperated and then said, "This isn't going well." and got up as if she were going to leave.

Though fans thought the interview was awkward, numerous people praised Dakota Johnson on social media for her hair, makeup, and fabulous Alessandra Rich outfit. What did you think of the interview? Do you agree that it was incredibly awkward but that Dakota looked gorgeous?

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