DaBaby Calls Jojo Siwa The 'B-Word' And Fans Aren't Happy

DaBaby Calls Jojo Siwa The 'B-Word' And Fans Aren't Happy
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A report from Hot New Hip Hop this weekend said that SpottemGottem's new album, Beat Box , is one of the most successful records climbing the charts right now. The outlet says a big part of its virality is owed to the JuneBug Challenge which played out over TikTok this weekend and involved a remix with Pooh Shiesty, and up-and-coming rapper.

Kevin Hart and a few other people have participated in the challenge, including Saweetie, and now some of the biggest hip-hop producers in the game are creating their own version of the same song, which has become a common thing over the last few years.

Reportedly, DaBaby is just one rapper who chose to get on board with the new single on his IG Live, taking to his account to preview the rendition of the popular song.

With that said, DaBaby, who isn't afraid to tell the world what he thinks about something, made sure to refer to the snitching allegations that have been levied at the rapper which obviously made a few people happy, because snitching isn't taken lightly in the rap world. (Another rapper has been accused of a similar thing, Tekashi 6ix9ine, although, Hernandez has experienced a fallout rather than an explosion of success).

Regardless, this wasn't the line that stirred up the most controversy, however. It was the bar toward Jojo Siwa , who is obviously much younger than DaBaby. A lot of people on social media weren't happy with the fact DaBaby shouted out to Jojo in a negative way, calling her a "b*tch."

Thus far, it's not entirely clear why DaBaby, the Kirk artist, chose to put her on blast like that, but it did get his name in the headlines so it did serve somewhat of a purpose. Even though there was a select group of people who thought it was funny, others suggested DaBaby was just mad that she was taller than him.


Jojo Siwa is reportedly 5'9" and DaBaby is just 5'7." Other users even jokingly compared DaBaby to the still-much-shorter rapper, Tory Lanez, who was blasted on the internet for the bald spots on his head.

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