Cynthia Bailey Talks About The Pisces Woman - Check Out What She Had To Say

Cynthia Bailey Talks About The Pisces Woman - Check Out What She Had To Say
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Cynthia Bailey talked about the Pisces woman and she shared an interesting message on her IG account. Check it out below.

'The Pisces woman is an otherworldly, magical being. Seeming to be not quite made of flesh and blood, there’s just something about her way of floating into a room like a mystical priestess, often clad in flowing silks. Her air of knowing wisdom instantly gives you the sense that you are dealing with a very old soul. Reality is not always her favorite place to inhabit, and often dealing with day-to-day schedules and hard and fast rules will confound her. ♓️ #pisceswomen #cynthiabailey #february19,' Cynthia captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Last year’s epic bday shoot!! Definitely one for the books👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿' and one other follower posted this message: 'Yasssss! Pisces baby! Our season is right around the corner!'

One other follower posyted this: 'Get a Gemini to vibe wit.. Ain't nothing wrong wit it❤️' and another commenter said: 'Hey fellow Pisces, look gorgeous as always. March 7 is my day.😊'

One other commenter posted this message: 'Kool,....Celebrating all pices..isn't that a mustang?' and a commenter said: 'Thug ass picture with beauty written all over it @cynthiabailey ! BOSSLADY'

Someone else said: 'I want to see you drive the shit out of that car. 😂'

In other recent news, Cynthia Bailey  reveals some pics from her anniversary with her family. Check them out in the post she shared on her social media account below.

‘it’s the thoughtfulness & the small acts of kindness for me. the little things. thank you.✨@itsmikehill
#prebirthday #piscesseason #february19 #piscesgang’ Cynthia captioned her post.

Also, Cynthia Bailey  is celebrating one year of marriage to  Mike Hill . Check out the  photo  that she shared on her social media account and the emotional message that she posted.


Cynthia is living her best life with her family.

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