Cynthia Bailey Receives Unexpected Visitors At The Lake House - Watch The Video

Cynthia Bailey Receives Unexpected Visitors At The Lake House - Watch The Video
Credit: BET

Cynthia Bailey just got an unexpected visit to her lake house. Just check out the video to see who came to visit the crib.

Someone commented: 'Wow...that was like a sign or something😲😲😲Smooches💋' and another follower said: 'we have them all over Greensboro NC and literally have to stop while they cross if you harm one automatically jail, they are protected by the government. Real sh*t.'

A follower said: 'Literally thought someone was breaking in your house.'

Someone else posted this: 'He thinks it’s another male goose from the reflection on the glass. He’s protecting the female, she’s probably pregnant and needs to nest somewhere. 😊'

Another commenter said: 'Those aren’t scared of people they will square up with you 💀' and someone else posted: 'These are Canadian Geese. My state gets invaded by them year-round it seems. They can be aggressive with humans. Some attack people.'

Someone else said: 'The locust attacking, Ohio ground splitting, Tennessee tornadoes, and coronavirus,' and one commenter posted this: 'Lawd the ducks are leaving the lake and headed to dry land... something ain’t right.'

A commenter posted: 'She clearly the female complaining about her man food and he n back lineman all I wanted was babe a simple dinner 😂'

A fan wrote: '@cynthiabailey10 they knocking to let you know that you now have shit on your porch.'

Some fans also said that she's lucky to be 'quarantined' in such a gorgeous location by the lake.

In other news, you may have heard by now that Andy Cohen been eventually diagnosed with the new coronavirus.

RHOA fans are freaking out, and they are wishing him all the best, hoping that he will get better soon.

He made the announcement on his social media account, leaving everyone in a panic.

Cynthia also had a few words to say about this whole stressful situation.

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