Cynthia Bailey Has Useful Advice During The Global Crisis

Cynthia Bailey Has Useful Advice During The Global Crisis
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Cynthia Bailey keeps supporting her fans during this crisis that surrounds the globe, and, with all kinds of IG posts, she's trying to comfort her followers. Now, she shared some advice for those who follow her on her social media account.

Fans appreciated the fact that Cynthia took a bit of her time to speak to them.

'STAY SAFE & INFORMED🙏🏽😘 Pray all of you are staying safe & informed. Take care of yourself & your family. Few things my family & I have been doing: Definitely recommend staying home if you can & away from crowds as much as possible. Stock up for the next two weeks but do not hoard. Wash hands thoroughly & consistently with soap and water. Apparently it is more effective than hand sanitizer. Disinfect home & living space regularly. Handshaking is a thing of the past.,' Cynthia began her post.

Cynthia continued and wrote the following: 'Take vitamins & medications as needed to keep the immune system strong. Stay hydrated. Get some well-needed sleep. Pray. Bond with family. Organize & purge unnecessary items. Read a book. Watch the news for updates, CNN is my go to. Stay positive. Our mental wellness is important during this time. I know I left out some good tips & I’m sure you guys have recommendations as well so feel free to leave in my comments. Remember, you are not alone. We are all in this together. This too shall pass🙏🏽❤️ #coronavirus #prayersup.'

Someone commented: 'This was so sweet, you took the time out to speak to your fans. It really means a lot, love you Cynthia!'

A follower told her: 'Thank you Cynthia we are doing our best to stay safe from the virus. By God's grace, it shall come to pass. Much love from UK.'

One other fan said: 'I just love u girl ur so funny....” I’m watching the episode when u said “ this evil eye bracelet is the real deal”'

Someone else posted this: '@cynthiabailey10 Cynthia wishing you and your family much love and health!'

A commenter said: 'Poison your relationship with Kenya. You both have stepped out of line in your relationship but the beauty of your friendship is that you both acknowledge your wrongs and apologize. Stay safe. #TeamCynth.'

A lot of people are offering Cynthia their gratitude for her emotional and useful message.

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