Cuba Gooding Junior Outraged Over Indictment On Sexual Abuse Charges When Grand Jury Never Saw Video Footage

Cuba Gooding Junior Outraged Over Indictment On Sexual Abuse Charges When Grand Jury Never Saw Video Footage
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According to a report from, Cuba Gooding Junior was furious when he discovered he was indicted on charges despite the fact a grand jury was never shown footage of the alleged incidents. Cuba, via his lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, asked the judge to toss out the indictment against him in the Big Apple which included six counts.

Obtained by TMZ, the court documents depict the actor as describing the legal dilemma as "grossly inappropriate and unjust" after he found out that the district attorney never played the recordings before the grand jury.

The Jerry Maguire star and his attorney claimed the DA is trying to withhold evidence so the grand jury never gets the chance to come to a conclusion based on all of the available evidence and facts. As it was previously reported, videos of the actor supposedly show him grabbing a woman's breast at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar in June of this year.

Additionally, there is footage of another incident where the actor was hanging out at the TAO nightclub in New York City. Back in 2018, Cuba allegedly grabbed the behind of a woman who was working at TAO nightclub as a waitress.

Furthermore, Gooding's indictment includes three altercations in question, including the aforementioned ones, in addition to one at the LAVO in New York City. The actor's legal team stated that it's unjust to bring all of the charges together in such a way because it could create bias among the grand jury.

Additionally, Cuba's team claims there is video footage of the LAVO interaction as well. Cuba and Mark Jay Heller asked for the judge to throw out the entire case, however, the judge hasn't ruled on the motion just yet.

As it was previously reported, Cuba found himself in hot water after a woman came out with her story of sexual misconduct involving him earlier this year. Many of the incidents in question were filmed by security cameras and subsequently leaked online.

Furthermore, a detective was suspended from the force temporarily for sharing the actor's mugshot with an online media publication.

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