Charlize Theron Says She Ignores People's Advice On How To Raise Her Kids

Charlize Theron Says She Ignores People's Advice On How To Raise Her Kids
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According to a report from, Charlize Theron doesn't want to hear the criticism from others regarding her parenting style of her children, August, and Jackson, 4 and 7, respectively. The 44-year-old actress who spoke with Us Magazine stated, "my kids will tell their story one day," while at the Africa Outreach Project.

Charlize said to reporters that she has nothing but love for her kids, and does everything in her power to support them. The actress believes she does what every other parent does for their children: works for a fair shot in the world.

Fans of the actress know she's focused on raising her children, including through the teaching of strong values and boundaries. According to the Monster alum, she talks a lot to her kids about values such as gratitude in addition to selflessness.

Charlize claimed she teaches her kids about the importance of giving back to one's community. During past conversations with the outlet, Charlize claimed she does everything in her power to teach her children "kindness."

Charlize, who adopted both children in 2012 as well as in 2015, stated that she and her children live by their religion. "We're big on respect," the actress remarked, before going on to say that it's crucial to think about others and how they might feel.

The actress actually co-parents with her mother, Gerda Maritz. Speaking with Elle in May of 2018, Charlize explained that she knew she'd need help from her mother in order to raise her kids. On the other hand, however, she didn't always feel that way toward the idea of her mother lending her a hand.

Theron stated that when she first started, she wanted to simply do everything on her own, but she realized she needed a lot more help than she thought. Theron explained, "people think I have a staff of 40," but really she doesn't.

In the past, Charlize said she was open to marrying a man, however, none of them were stepping up. The actress came under fire by some on social media for supposedly shaming men into marriage.

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