Cuba Gooding Junior Shows Up To Manhattan Court Case For Sex Abuse Case

Cuba Gooding Junior Shows Up To Manhattan Court Case For Sex Abuse Case
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Page Six reported today that Cuba Gooding Junior went to the Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday for a hearing regarding his sexual assault trial. The outlet claims the A Few Good Men actor wore a mask with the words, "Black Lives Matter" on the side.

According to multiple reports, Cuba Gooding Junior 's trial will start in September of this year. He has been charged with six misdemeanor counts of sexual abuse and forcible touching regarding accusations from three different women.

As it was previously reported, a 30-year-old accused Cuba of squeezing her butt in June 2019 while at the Moxy Hotel in Times Square, and then two other women came out afterward.

Stories regarding Cuba Gooding Junior have all been fairly consistent, with each woman complaining of the actor grabbing them inappropriately. For instance, another complaint comes from a Tao Downtown server who says the actor grabbed her in October 2018.

Moreover, he was accused of touching another woman without her consent while at LAVO Nightclub on the Upper East Side one month prior. Thus far, Page Six claims, the actor has been accused of sexual misconduct by twenty-two women across six different states.

If successfully convicted, the actor may have to sit behind bars for one year. Cuba Gooding Junior is just one man who was accused of sexual misconduct amid the #MeToo movement. When the allegations first began appearing in the mainstream media, other celebrities commented on the stories, including 50 Cent.

One paparazzi picture featured Gooding Junior hanging out with his girlfriend at a baseball game. In the comment section beneath the photo, 50 Cent asked what Cuba Gooding Junior was doing at a baseball game after having been accused of misconduct by a plethora of women.

Previously, the actor was also in the headlines after he was castigated by a judge for arriving 30 minutes late to his court hearing. Cuba and his legal team complained they were late on account of terrible traffic that morning.

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