Crystal Smith Says She Discovered That Ne-Yo Requested A Divorce From The Gossip Websites

Crystal Smith Says She Discovered That Ne-Yo Requested A Divorce From The Gossip Websites
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According to Crystal Smith , her divorce from Ne-Yo wasn't revealed to her in the way she would've preferred, a new report from Page Six suggested today. During her appearence on the Tamron Hall Show this week, Smith said she learned about her divorce from Ne-Yo via celebrity gossip websites and other entertainment news outlets.

Crystal said she and Ne-Yo weren't on great speaking terms at the time, and she chose to leave the romance on account of a number of problems they had been going through. The 34-year-old said to the talk show host that she thought Ne-Yo had done that to her as a way of "getting back" at her.

Ne-Yo said to her that it wasn't on purpose, so she took his "word" for it. Even though she thought Ne-Yo didn't try and hurt her feelings, she claimed it still did, and a lot. Smith made the announcement back in February and she said at the time that "their demons" led her to seek out help.

According to Smith, she had an abusive relationship already in the past, and so she "chose to go to therapy" to work through it. She had a lot of issues she needed to fix, but many of them needed to be addressed internally.

Crystal said it was the right step for her to move on in her life because she had to "heal" for the sake of her kids. As most know, the singer-songwriter and Crystal have a few children together, including Shaffer Junior and Roman.

Ne-Yo has more kids with Monyetta Shaw, as well, including Mason and Madilyn. As the story goes, Ne-Yo and Crystal later reconciled. It didn't take that long for the artist to come out and admit his regrets over having split up with Crystal. He and Crystal reconciled in June of this year.


During a conversation with Tamron, Ne-Yo claimed he was really struggling through it at the time, and his pride wouldn't allow him to come to terms with his loss. The performer conceded that Crystal probably knew how he was really feeling.

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