Ne-Yo Talks About How His Marriage Was Saved

Ne-Yo Talks About How His Marriage Was Saved
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Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Smith filed for divorce 2 years ago in 2020 and it looked like it was all downhill from there but in a rare turn of events, the two managed to turn things around. Soon it was revealed that Ne-Yo had withdrawn his request for divorce and that the two were trying to patch things up. And now, 2 years later, the two have renewed their wedding vows and are eager to continue their life as a married couple.

In an interview, Ne-Yo revealed that the thing that was most crucial to saving their marriage was effective listening.

"What is communication if I don’t understand what the hell you’re saying? If you don’t understand what I’m saying?" said Ne-Yo.

Ne-Yo continues his quote by saying:

"We can talk all day long but if it ain’t computing we’re wasting each other’s time. What we had to do is sit down and learn to listen to each other. Not wait for your turn to talk but really listen. Somebody says something and you’re triggered and you just jump in… not interrupting."

Ne-Yo further talked about how this process is not easy but is a crucial one if a relationship is to be kept alive and it definitely helped him and Crystal.

"It’s not easy to hear somebody tell you things about yourself. None of these things are easy but at the end of the day it helped."

It appears that the two spent a lot of time together during the quarantine in 2020. While it was a tough time, it seems that for Ne-Yo and his wife it was the most opportune as they got to talk their way out of a tough situation. It is a rare occurrence, but Crystal and Ne-Yo pulled it off.

Ne-Yo's Instagram is filled up with pictures and videos of their renewal of the vows and pictures of his beautiful wife.


The couple made the most of the happy moment and clearly couldn't be happier.


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