Courteney Cox Has Friends Reunion With Lisa Kudrow Thanks To Ellen DeGeneres

Courteney Cox Has Friends Reunion With Lisa Kudrow Thanks To Ellen DeGeneres
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When Courteney Cox stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, she was not expecting an emotional reunion with her Friends costar and pal Lisa Kudrow.

However, thanks to DeGeneres, a Friends reunion is exactly what happened. Cox thought she was stopping by to chat with the talk show host about her new Facebook series, Nine Months with Courteney Co x. The two ladies chatted about the show, Cox's man Johnny Mcdaid and how the actress finally decided to join Instagram.

DeGeneres, who has almost 65 million followers, decided to help Cox out with her first official Instagram post. Since the talk show host was involved, there was no way the post was going to be a simple selfie. Nope. The comedian went all out to help Cox create the perfect Instagram message.

The first thing it required was the perfect setting, which turned out to be a recreated set of Central Perk. Shrieks of joy screamed from audience members, as DeGeneres took a stunned Cox over to the set. The two had a seat on an orange couch that was almost exactly like the iconic one from the NBC show. Seriously, could it get any more perfect?

Yes, it could. As the two were sitting there, DeGeneres was quick to point out something was missing. She mentioned how she wished Lisa Kudrow could be there with them. Cue the music and out walks Kudrow, much to the shock and delight of Cox.

"You're here! This is a shock. Thank you for coming," Cox told her friend.

"I wanted to be there for you. Get It?" Kudrow replied, which as fans know is a reference to the Friends hit theme song.

There was no shortage of laughs between Kudrow, Cox, and DeGeneres, as they created the perfect Instagram, shot for Cox. The actress even pointed out that the social media bar might have been set too high for her first post.

"This is our first Instagram post? Oh god, it's all downhill after this." Cox shared.

Reference to the show that made both Cox and Kudrow a household name kept coming. Cox even made a pun in the caption of her post, and fans love it. The comments section was immediately flooded with fans welcoming the actress to social media, as well as remarking about how the mini-reunion gave them the feels.

A legit Friends reunion will probably never happen, but thankfully Ellen DeGeneres gave fans much-needed mini-reunion between Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. What did you think of it?


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