Country Singer Jimmie Allen Points Out Hypocrisy Of BET - Claims Nashville Showed Him Love And Support And BET Didn't, Despite Being A Black Man

Country Singer Jimmie Allen Points Out Hypocrisy Of BET - Claims Nashville Showed Him Love And Support And BET Didn't, Despite Being A Black Man
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According to a report from USA Today, Jimmie Allen has some valid criticisms of the network, Black Entertainment Television, as well as their website, which, according to him, has snubbed his music pretty much entirely.

BET, as the name suggests, intends to offer the perspective of Black Americans in society, as well as showcase their cultural contributions and achievements to the world.

However, Allen believes they're hypocritical because there was a fear that Nashville would never "accept" a black artist in country music. The irony being that Nashville 100% accepted him, promoted his music and has been nothing but supportive, whereas BET refuses to even promote him at all.

In a tweet you can see below, Mr. Allen suggests their hypocrisy, stating facetiously, "Last time I checked, I was black." The star explained that there is a common misconception among people in popular culture, especially in the black community, that people in Nashville are simply too racist to let a black man in the genre.

Jimmie said it was Nashville who accepted him, and not the folks over at Black Entertainment Television. As most know, the genre, as a whole, has long been dominated by white men, but last year, country music and all of its cultural leaders praised Jimmie for his single, "Best Shot."

Jimmie's track was number one on the Billboard 200 for approximately three weeks, meaning that it made history claims USA Today. His latest single, "Make Me Want To," is out now as well. This year, the star intends to tour with Rascal Flatts and Chris Young as a part of the CMA Festival's Chevy Riverfront Stage.

Ironically, other stars criticized the country music genre for not including the contributions from Lil Nas X, regarding his breakout hit, "Old Town Road." Billboard, at first, removed the track from the country music list because of its genre mix.

Later on, however, Billy Ray Cyrus got involved and it was reinstated on the chart.

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  • Angela Pyles
    Angela Pyles May 19, 2019 7:28 AM PDT

    Country music is great. I met Jimmie Allen at the Rascal Flatts concert Friday is St. Louis. Jimmie was awesome. He took time for his fans. Took pictures. He was great. Not to mention. More gourgous in person. He is gourgous. Its BET lose. Country music has him now. We won't let him go at all. He is here to stay. He will headlining his own tour bfor he even knows it. Keep up the great work. We got you.. Love ya Jimmie❤❤❤ Jimmies biggest fan.. Angie

  • James Dodson
    James Dodson May 15, 2019 8:22 PM PDT

    Of course Jimmy nashville would accepted you for you are definitely not the first black country muscian many have come before you that paved the way for all country stars i would not worry about television network that only puts you into 1 specific categories just becuase you are black that sends the wrong message if you really think about it ..keep shining keep singing.

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