Counting On Stars Joseph Duggar And Kendra Caldwell Are Expecting Baby No 2!

Counting On Stars Joseph Duggar And Kendra Caldwell Are Expecting Baby No 2!
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Counting On stars Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are still two months away from celebrating their son Garrett’s first birthday. But the couple has just announced that they are already expecting baby number two.

On Thursday, the couple posted a video to the family blog announcing that they were pregnant again, just ten months after Caldwell gave birth to Garrett, and 19 months after tying the knot.

In the video, the couple stood side-by-side while Caldwell held baby Garrett, and they said they had some “exciting” news to share.

“We are ready to double the fun at our house! Being parents has already proven to be a greater joy than we had hoped or imagined,” wrote Joe and Kendra in the video’s caption. “We love getting to parent together and are loving every moment and milestone. We are very happy that our little family will welcome a new addition later this year. Children really are a blessing from God!”

Duggar explained that his wife “really surprised him” this time, revealing her pregnancy with a message written at the bottom of a bowl of a sweet, homemade treat.

The 20-year-old said that when she found out she was pregnant again, she was shocked, and then “super excited.” She says that she couldn’t believe it was really happening.

Duggar hopes that the new baby will be like his mommy and have a sweet personality. Caldwell added that they are looking forward to going from one to two, and to the adventures that come with raising two children.

Joseph and Kendra are the second couple in the Duggar family that currently has a baby on the way. Joseph’s big sister Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, are expecting baby number three. The couple made their pregnancy announcement in January, and it was also featured in the recent season finale of Counting On .

As fans (and everyone else in the world) are aware, the Duggars are all about having babies, so Joseph and Kendra’s news comes as no surprise. They did say right before Garrett was born that they would love to have more kids if God blesses them.

“As many as He wants to give us, we’ll be happy to take them,” said Caldwell.

Catch Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell in new episodes of Counting On when they return to TLC later this year.


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