Elle Fanning Addresses Those Max Minghella Dating Rumors

Elle Fanning Addresses Those Max Minghella Dating Rumors
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Rumors have been going around that Elle Fanning and her Teen Spirit director, Max Minghella are in a romantic relationship. Now, the 21 year old actress is addressing those speculations. Here is what she had to say!

While at the movie’s press day in Los Angeles, Elle chatted with ET, opening up about those rumors that she and Minghella are dating.

As you may know, the two were caught cuddling up back in August in London.

‘I mean, we just really love working together. That was, like, very special, and he's such a good friend,’ Fanning said, coyly, when asked about the fans’ interest in their type of relationship.

As for the movie in which she stars, Elle plays a Polish teen who dreams of becoming a pop star.

That being said, she decides to enter an international singing competition.

To accurately portray the character, Fanning trained for three months with a number of vocal coaches and choreographers.

The movie was written by Minghella in addition to marking his directorial debut.

Gushing over the man, Elle said that ‘Max is such an incredible director and you can see it's in his blood. He worked on this film for, like, 12 years of his life. He was writing this and [working with producer] Jamie Bell... it was just so amazing seeing him. He does not feel like a first-time director. He was so planned out in his mind and you can see this and he also, he is very, he’s like a pop whore.’

She explained that ‘All those pop singers - like, he's really obsessed with that world, so it's a perfect film that he made.’

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